About Us!

I’m Lindsey, and sometimes I get paid to sing things.  But when when I’m not singing, I love to cook.

Frank is the studly fiance (who also gets paid to sing, but mostly does computer stuff) and cooks as well, but loves to take pictures.

So put the two together and you get an awesome blog by us.  We only post the really good stuff, the stuff worth cooking over and over and over again.  You’re not going to see that gross butternut squash and lentil fiasco I came up with last week.  You might, however, see Frank’s amazing eggy ramen.  But more on that later.

Our kitchen is always messy, but we’re working on that.  Also, we’re obsessed with chocolate.  And we’re kind of working on that, too.

I hope you enjoy our recipes and ramblings that go along with them.  Please leave a comment to let us know what you think!

Frank and Lindsey

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