Sweet Treats

Sweet Treats

Valentine’s day was a chocoholic’s dream.  My mom sent us a package full of chocolate a few days before and we downed that in one evening… And Frank requested that I make the brownie mosaic cheesecake for desert on the big day… AND, as if I hadn’t completely jumped off the deep end, I decided to make my (cat’s out of the bag!) FIANCÉ (swooooooooon) some cookie dough truffles as well.

I was completely insane that day, spending almost 6 straight hours in the kitchen, up to my elbows in chocolate.  I must admit that my lunch consisted entirely of licking bowls.  But the final product of all of this madness was incredibly delicious!  1 gigantic cheesecake full of chocolate brownie bites and covered in chocolate ganache, and 20 devilish little cookie dough truffles that I tried to stuff in a gift box for Frank.  And you should make both of these things.  NOT at the same time; perhaps spaced apart a day or two.  And make sure you have plenty of friends to pawn the cheesecake off with…

Let me tell you about the cookie dough truffles first.  Frank HATES it when I eat raw cookie dough.  I mean, he gets angry!  Just because of the raw eggs.  But I was raised on the stuff, and I’ve never gotten sick off of it at all…  When I found a recipe for these puppies on Annie’s Eats I was delighted, because they contain no eggs!  And what a perfect way to wish my FIANCÉ (still swooning) a happy Valentine’s Day.  He LOVED them, and they lasted about a week (storing half of them in the freezer for extended freshness).

And then, this epic cheesecake.  I don’t even know what to say.  It really was wonderful.  The combination of brownies, silky cheesecake, and chocolate ganache was mind-blowing.  But I must admit, I preferred Deb’s chocolate caramel cheesecake to this one just a little more.  Probably a texture thing.  But, this by all means is an amazing cheesecake, not for the faint of heart.  Just make sure you have an entire day to make it.  And a hoard of people to eat it.

I’m not actually writing out the recipes on here, because they’d take up way too much space on this shared post.  But here they are for your enjoyment, and I sooooo hope you make these for yourself!  And send us the leftovers!

Cookie Dough Truffles (fom Annie’s Eats)

Brownie Mosaic Cheesecake (from Smitten Kitchen)

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